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SWD IOM Winter Series 2017/2018

12th November 2017 – SWDWS1 _Dartmoor RS

25th November 2017 – MYA Trade Show & AGM – Rowheath Pavillion

10th December 2017 – SWDWS2 –  West Cornwall RSC ( Cancelled )

14th January 2018 – SWDWS3 – Poole RYC

4th February 2018 – SWDWS2 (Replacement) Sedgemoor MBC

SWD IOM Champion Skipper Series 2018

4th March 2018 –  SWDCS1  –  Poole RYC (Cancelled)

8th April 2018 – SWDCS2 – Dartmoor MBC

29th April 2018 – SWDCS1  – Poole  (Reschedule)

13 May 2018 – SWDCS3 – West Cornwall RSC

2nd June 2018 – Dartmoor MBC  SWD 6M District Championships

10th June 2018 – SWDCS4 – Yeovil & District MBC

16th September 2018 – SWDCS5 – Bideford & District MYC

28th October 2018 – SWDCS6 & District AGM – Woodspring MSC











  1. mark pressdee says:

    Whoever is responsible for administrating this website congratulations. Marketing and promoting our hobby in this professional looking manner can only be good for the sport. Hopefully not only will it provide current travelling skippers good information but could also help swell our numbers.
    As a side note is it possible to find and publish last years district championship series results. I know I didn’t do very well but the Results are a very important part of the sport.
    Many thanks
    Mark P
    Swansea MYC

    • simonc194 says:

      Hi Mark, I’ll see if I can get these up on the website soon, along with a pic of Simon Clark (West Cornwall) receiving the trophy. And the last SWDC #1 results too. Cheers


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