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SWD 6M Championships @ Dartmoor

Entries are now invited for this 6M Saturday event at Dartmoor. Please send your entries to Jerry Lock on the email address shown below.

Please be aware that the date is 2nd June 2018 and not the 16th June 2018 as shown in the MYA handbook. This is due to a discrepancy between the club and District calendars and the MYA handbook calendar

Entry fees will be £5.00 payable on the day


Dartmoor 6M.001


SWDCS3 @ West Cornwall

Wanting to sail on Argal Reservoir? This is a reminder that you have until Thursday to send your entry details to Barry Chisam. You know you want to, so email now.


SWDCS3 West Cornwall.001

SWDCS1 @ Poole – Results are out.

Congratulations to Pete Smith on winning this event


SWDCS 3 @ West Cornwall

Entries are now invited for the 3rd of the IOM Summer Series at Argal Reservoir. Entry fee is £4.00 payable on the day. Please send your entries to Barry Chisam as detailed below.

SWDCS3 West Cornwall.001

SWDCS @ Poole final reminder

The days are getting longer and warmer as summer approaches. Time is running short for your entries to this coastal venue. Please contact Roy Cane by Thursday 26th April to be sure of a days sailing at Poole.

SWDCS1 Poole 2018.001

SWDCS1 @ Poole Update

A reminder that entries are being taken by Roy Cane for this Poole event.

A slight confusion within the club has resulted in the entry fee being advertised incorrectly. Entry fees will be £4.00 on the day and not the previously advertised £3.00. Still a bargain for a good days racing. Lets make it a good turnout for this prestigious venue.

SWDCS1 Poole 2018.001

SWDCS1 @ Poole (Rescheduled)

Entries are now open & invited for the rescheduled SWDCS1 IOM meeting at Poole Park.

Entry fees are £3.00 payable on the day and no race will not start after 4.00pm

Please send entries to Roy Cane as shown below

SWDCS1 Poole 2018.001

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