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2018 SWDCS3 @ West Cornwall

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Congratulations to Peter Cropper on winning this event.


Sunday 13th May was to see 12 entries for what turned out to be an enjoyable days sailing.

PRO Gavin Watson with the assistance of Barry Chisam set out a long course of a windward, spreader and a gate to accommodate the the  WNW wind coming onto the reservoir. This allowed a good deal of racing up and down the bank. Unfortunately the bushes had recently had a spurt of growth and made the sighting of the windward mark awkward at times.

The first 4 races were taken by 4 different individuals and that was to set the scenario for the rest of the day. Wind shifts were common which made it good tactical racing if you could find the right line. Peter Cropper won the first race with his Asbo 2 and Bob Conner took the second. That was quite an achievement as he sailed the day with his arm in a sling after a recent shoulder op.

Lunchtime saw Barry Chisam and Richard Wills with the pruning shears and at least to my delight the windward mark was visible from all angles.

Afternoon sailing continued with the wind slightly stronger and more consistant. Richard Wills showed good form sailing his Scurry. He took second place at the end of the day followed closely by Richard Aucott, Alan Perham and Bob Conner all taking the prizes.

Thanks to the West Cornwall Team for putting on this event

2018 SWDCS1(Rescheduled) @ Poole

Congratulations to Pete Smith of Poole Club on winning this event.

Sunday the 29th April saw 14 entries from 5 different clubs sailing this event with 8 different designed IOM’s.

Peter Wiles laid out a long 2 lap course of a triangle with gate on the larger of the 2 lakes. The wind started in the low teens and gradually increased throughout the day.

Pete Smith took the first 2 races and then David Munro & John Stone gave him some competition. Bob Iles  came into the fray taking 2 wins from the first 6 races. Reading the wind was far from easy.  Sometimes tacking close to the bank paid off only to find that on the next beat to the windward mark it paid to be further out into the lake.

More entertainment was provided by one of the skippers ( who shall remain anonymous) locking his keys in his car. A visit by the AA during lunch sorted that one out.

The afternoon saw the winds gusting higher and had it not been so late in the day skippers would have changed to B suits.

John Stone had a couple of bad races to put him out of contention and Richard Aucott upped his game to put him nearer the front.

The day was called to a halt 20 minutes early as no-one wanted to change down and boats were broaching and diving in the long gusts.

Many thanks  to the Poole club for a good show and Mike and Dave for the photos supplied.

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2018 SWDCS2 @ Dartmoor

Sunday 8th April attracted a small entry of 9 skippers. This was partly due to some of our SW skippers sailing in Croatia and some in Gosport sailing mini 40 multihulls.

The wind was from a NE direction and started the day very lightly.  Race officer Richard Wills set a triangular course with 2 laps to the finish line, the course marks being hurriedly altered  many times during the day to suit the shifting wind.

The day started with local member Jerry Lock starting as he meant to go on with Peter Cropper hot on his heals. As the wind varied through the day other skippers Nigel Clarke, John White & Richard Aucott took wins.

On what was a very enjoyable day congratulations to Jerry Lock on winning this event.


scoresheet_Dartmoor 8-4-2018 final score 3 copy


2017/2018 SWD Winter Series Champion Skipper Results

 SWDWS jpeg.001



SWD Winter Series @ Sedgemoor


SWDWS Sedgemoor Report 2018.001Final SWDWS Sedgemoor.001


Winter Series 3 Results. Hosted by Poole RYC

Congratulations to Tony Edwards on winning this event

18 skippers turned up for this event including 2 from outside the South West District, Nigel Brown from Gosport & Vernon Appleton from Chipstead.

A large course was set out across the lake and sailing commenced at 10.00am under the guidance of Andy Cherrett and his many helpers. With a wind speed  of around 7 mph the scene was set. Tony Edwards and Peter Wiles were consistently battling it out at the front but didn’t have it all their own way.  James Edwards & Mike Cooke (with his own design Rocket) managed to take the win in a couple of races.

After lunch unfortunately the wind died away to nothing. The 8th race of the day was abandoned and after an hour it was decided to end the meeting





2017 IOM South West District Series Champion Club

West Cornwall was this years Champion club allowing for 2 discards on the 5 events

SWDS Champion club 2017.001

2017 IOM SWD Champion Skipper Results  (Summer Series) (2 Discard)

Congratulations to Tony Edwards on winning this years IOM Champion Skipper series with Barry Chisam taking 2nd place and Bob Conner 3rd.

SWDCS 2017 web v.1.001



Overall the series has been well attended and enjoyed by most. However the league table below shows up a few surprises.

As you would expect, home events  attract more of their local club members to sail. The bigger clubs you might think would have more members traveling away to the district events, but this does not appear to be the case.

Bideford one of our smaller clubs managed to send 7 of their members to at least one of the away meetings. Congratulations to them on an excellent turnout.

If you enjoy sailing at your local club then chat to your colleagues, share transport and join us at our winter and summer series. You will be most welcome and will benefit from  sailing in different waters. You will also be improving your skills by sailing against others doing the same.



Club league

Dartmoor 12 November 2017



One never quite knows what to expect when visiting Dartmoor and the 12th November was no exception.

On arrival the wind was continuous at about 16 knots  and gusting on a regular basis. Unusually it was coming from a NNW direction (over the club house) which meant the length of the lake could not be used. To compensate an extra spreader mark was inserted to extend the course.

Eighteen competitors took part, all in one fleet. Everyone started in 2nd suit and the majority stayed with that choice throughout the day even though the wind and gusts increased.

From the start Gavin and Barry staked their claim at the front of the fleet but they didn’t have it all their own way. Dave Kent of whom we’ve seen little of this season showed that he had not lost the desire to get to the top.

Being Remembrance Sunday a 2 minute silence was held as a mark of respect.

The racing continued with very few contacts but with  lots of broaching and stalling until around 15.30 when the end of day was called. I think most of the competitors enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to Gavin Watson who won on the day followed by Barry Chisam and Richard Aucott. Dave Kent just sneaked in front of Bob Conner to take 4th.


Dartmoor results.001


IOM Ranking Results Woodspring

A very enjoyable weekend with plenty of racing and great to see plenty of new skippers competing at a ranking event for the first time.

Rob Walsh once again took the race win with Darin Ballington taking second place and Colin Goodman third.

IOM Ranking 6 woodspring results.001

PRACC10 Results

Sunday October 29th, hosted by Poole Radio Yacht club

PRACC10 Results.001

South West District IOM Summer Series 5 @ Bideford – 10/09/17

8 skippers arrived at Tamar Lakes to fine a good No.2 rig breeze with the forecast rain still holding off.

Racing got under way on a windward leeward course of two laps.  Unfortunately Richard Wills soon found trouble with his boats pot lid coming off, resulting in him missing a few races, until Bob Conner lent Richard his spare radio set up.

There was plenty of opportunity to gain ( or lose )  as there were plenty of shifts making life interesting.  This resulted in there being several different winners during the morning races. Just before lunch Pete Smith managed to break a shroud and his temporary repair certainly de-tuned his boat.

The forecast wind arrived with a vengance, along with the rain, and boat control in the gusts became more difficult.  We eventually lost three skippers with boat problems, and at race number 14, with the wind rising all the time, the remaining 5 skippers agreed to sail the last two races and then call it quits, so that the 3rd. discard would apply.

1. Barry Chisam   28pts
2. Richard Aucott  33pts
3. Pete Smith        35pts
4. Bob Conner       37pts
5. Peter Cropper    62pts
6. Richard Wills      71pts
7. Keith Edgar        85pts
8. Dave Morris       86pts.

DF Racing Travellers Series @ Dartmoor – Day 2 DF95 Results (30/7/17)

So after a few pints and a bit of social on Saturday evening we all went to bed with the promise of some better weather and a bit of breeze on Sunday morning. At midnight it was still raining cats and dogs and I wasn’t sure we’d see anything else.

Sunday morning appeared and as forecast we had bright sunshine and some fine looking breeze to go with it. Back up to the moors and having avoided the most belligerent sheep I’ve ever met there were a good number of skippers at the pond, all ready for action with A rigs set.


Off we go! – Photo Sue Brown

Ken Binks was quick out of the blocks, posting three wins from the first four races with John Tush only managing a couple of second places, a fourth and a fifth in the first four. Nigel Brown, Tim Long and DF95 newbie and DRSC member Dave Kent were a little off the pace but the three of them were to battle for the final podium step for the rest of the day. Further down the field the battles were just as intense and as we know from previous events it doesn’t take too big a mistake to find boats whizzing past you leaving you with a lot of work to do to recover a decent finish.

Race 5 saw Tushy wake up and remember that he was racing and he promptly won the next two, took a third from race 7 and then took the next 5 races. Ken posted a bunch of second places and won the race JT didn’t. Nigel, Tim & Dave continued the titanic struggle to grab the third place with Dave taking two DNF’s which didn’t help his cause. Nigel and Tim traded places during the mid session and third could have gone either way.

Liz Tushingham and Wayne Stobbs were locked in their usual battle and John Smith and Jim LaRoche keeping the battle on its toes. Even the tail end of the fleet were locked in battles of their own throughout the day with DRSC skipper Neil Harvey and well travelled John Howard from Poole being kept honest by DRSC members Nick Whyte and David Brooke.


The downwind leg was a rapid affair! – Photo Sue Brown

Race thirteen was lucky for Tim who scored a win from Ken & Nigel with JT in fourth with normal service being resumed for 14 with JT in top spot from Ken and Nigel with Jim LaRoche from Coalhoue Fort scoring his best result of the day with fourth spot. Ken took 15 from JT, Tim and Nigel.

16 through 20 saw JT seal his win whilst Ken took a discard of a third, yes really he was that consistent all day, Dave scored a second with Tim fourth whilst Nigel had issues and ended eleventh.


Breeze on! – Photo Sue Brown

The battle for sixth was won by Liz by a reasonable margin from Wayne. Fifth went the way of Dave, who would have done better after a strong finish after another DNF in race 14. The monumental day long battle for third was taken by Nigel by just two points from Tim.

However even Nigel on 65 points was a country mile behind the two class acts of the day, JT and Ken, who scored 22 and 29 and really did show us all how it should be done.


Sundays Top Six

The wind was good all day, top end of A rig all day and perhaps a little beyond at times, the morning races and a couple of afternoon ones were sailed from the South bank before the course was reset and the remaining afternoon races were sailed from the North bank. The race team were very on point all day and worked tirelessly all weekend to ensure that the skippers got the best of the available conditions. Many thanks to the DRSC team, without you guys we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our sport to the same degree, we all hope that you’ll host us again in the future.

(Report by Tim Long).

Thanks to the Dartmoor team of Steve Watts, Paul Newman, Dave Morris, Graham Harris, Terry Brodie, John Kiff and the rest of the helpers!

Photos from Sue Brown: Here

DF95 Results

DF Racing Travellers Series @ Dartmoor – Day 1 DF65 Results (29/7/17)

Having spent the best part of 7.5 hours in the van on Friday making my way to Dartmoor RSC it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by Ken Binks and Nigel Brown at the lakeside, along with several of the DRSC members who had pitched up to ready the water for the DF Racing UK weekend.

Despite the horizontal rain and low cloud myself, Nigel and Ken put boats on the water and had a bit of a tune up before the rain and wind really arrived and we abandoned to a local pub for the evening. Saturdays forecast was suitably poor, with very little breeze forecast to come from many directions along with bucket loads of rain too.

Twenty two skippers, a good mix of locals and travellers, braved the conditions which, at first, didn’t look too terrible and the two seeding races were held to determine the two fleets in not too much rain and a reasonable bit of breeze. If you had one, an A plus rig was the thing to have today, the first time it has been utilised in competition properly here in the UK and well worth the investment.

Nigel Brown won his seeding with Liz Tushingham winning hers, whilst husband John could only manage a third place finish. Nigel went on to win the next two races before another winner, Ken Binks, was to take the top step of the podium. Race 5 saw John Tush take his first win of the day after a slow start and 6, 7 and 8 also went Tushy’s way which we put down to a good lunch.

After a couple of thirds and some discards it seems that a  good lunch had also done the well travelled Tim Long the world of good and he posted some good results, including a win in race 9, during the afternoon session. With the wind fading and Tushy taking race 10 it was decided that the skippers and race team had had enough and once again the rain had set in.

With ten races completed with the two fleets it was Tushy who took the win from Nigel by 2 points, Tim was 6 points adrift of Nigel in third and Ken was just three behind Tim. There was a reasonable gap back to the next group of Wayne Stobbs, Liz Tush, Dave Kent and James Scrimshaw.

(Report by Tim Long).

Thanks to the Dartmoor team of Steve Watts, Paul Newman, Dave Morris, Graham Harris, Terry Brodie, John Kiff and the rest of the helpers!

Photos from Sue Brown: Here

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 17.50.21.png




DF65 Results

South West District IOM Summer Series 4 @ Yeovil – 16/7/17

Sutton Bingham Reservoir south of Yeovil was the venue for the fourth round of the SW District IOM summer series on 16th July. The 14 skippers enjoyed an ‘A’ rig day of weed free sailing in a generally light westerly breeze with plenty of shifts and changes of pressure to test the skills. A course comprising a triangle and sausage plus a short beat to the finish was set adjusted when necessary during the day as the breeze, forecast to veer to the north, instead backed to the south. Racing got underway as a single fleet using non-competing observers from Yeovil and welcome volunteers from Poole.

During the morning Bob Conner was in convincing form winning 5 of the first 6 races sailing his BritPOP. At this stage others struggled to string together consistent results with Pete Smith (Slimtel) just ahead of a group including Peter Wiles (Tosca), late arrival Mike Cooke (Rocket), Nigel Clarke (Carving), David Munro (Psycho) and Richard Aucott (BritPOP) all within a couple of points of each other. First failure of the day was John White who broke a shroud on his latest Lintel MMX.

Later in the morning the wind began to test ROs Tony Edwards and Robbie Nevitt and what looked a good course at the start of a race could be rubbish by the finish. It was Peter Wiles and Mike Cooke who best latched on to the changing conditions while Bob Conner’s early race strategy started to unravel. After lunch the wind died off at times and for the last few races at last filled in from the original forecast WNW. A series of good results during the second half of the day brought Mike Cooke and the consistent Peter Wiles well into contention. There was brief excitement when a hasty beaching just prevented John White’s boat from a Viking funeral when his rudder servo had a meltdown.

After 16 races the final positions were very close at the top with only one point separating Peter Wiles and Bob Conner with Mike Cooke only 4 points further adrift after giving the fleet a first race start. See results list below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 19.00.18
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeter Wiles 73 finishes race 9 ahead of the running bunch at picturesque Sutton Bingham.

Six Metre Open Meeting @ Dartmoor – 17/6/17

Competitors arrived at Shaugh Lake dressed in shorts with t shirts and carrying sun hats, sun cream and water bottles in addition to their 6 Metre boats. The weather forecast indicated a very hot day with light and variable winds which if correct was certainly going to challenge the ability and patience of the competitors.

The Club’s inaugural event began also with a challenge for the race team as to where to set the spread of windward marks. After consulting with 3 Club members who he hoped had geometry degrees the RO (Paul Newman) set the course, it seemed perfect except there was no wind!

The first race eventually started after a gentle South Westerly breeze settled on the Olympic style two lap course. The challenge for skippers was how to keep their 6 moving through the areas of very little or no wind pressure on the course especially near to the windward mark. The first and second races were won convincingly by Mike Ewart from the two Islands club who showed both good tactics and his ability to read the light wind shifts. Hot on his heels were Steve Watts, Dave Kent, Martin Smith and Ralph Weller who are all relatively new helms to the class. Indeed nearly all of the DRSC competitors were new to the class this year and so lacked race experience with their boats or that was their excuse anyway! There were several stoppages between the races so that competitors could tinker with their boats and also to rehydrate themselves as the temperature increased. Races 3 and 4 saw Mike and Steve exchanging wins and to begin to break away from the rest of the fleet. However they were not going to have it all their own way as in races 5 and 6 both Ralph Weller and David Kent got to grips with the conditions and posted race wins.

The temperature soared around midday but the wind speed didn’t rise with it. There were some involuntary drifting matches which were amusing to watch but not if you were caught up in them! The race course for some skippers during the morning became a trial, with lots of huffing and puffing due to frustration heard in the control zone, or were they simply trying to get their boats going! In an effort to get sufficient races in the racing continued up to lunch time (Race 8) albeit in very fluky conditions. The race leader board showed large ups and downs for some skippers as they either succeeded or failed to be in the right place on the course as the wind came and then died.

After Lunch and with the wind direction still not particularly stable Race 9 started, after the leaders had rounded the weather mark on the second lap unfortunately one of the visiting skippers Geoff Earle who was resting in the clubhouse was taken ill. As several competitors rushed to his aid racing was halted and boats came ashore. After initial first aid it was decided that further medical aid was required and an ambulance was called. With two skippers involved in getting Geoff to the ambulance the fleet collectively decided to call it a day.

With Geoff safely on his way to hospital a prize giving was held. Congratulations to Steve Watts (DRSC) for winning the Event, 2nd place went to Mike Ewart (APMYC) and third place went to Dave Kent (DRSC). Martin Smith (DRSC) with his Dolphin finished in a well- deserved 4th place.

Both Steve Watts and Mike Ewart thanked the race Team for their efforts, with Steve thanking the competitors who had travelled to the event.

Geoff Earle remained in hospital overnight and was discharged the next day. After collecting his car he has now driven to Kingsbridge to see friends and after that will slowly return home. Thanks to all from DRSC who helped with his care.

Report compiled by Paul Newman, Steve Watts and Terry Brodie.

6 metre results 17_06_17

IOM Veteran National Championships @ West Cornwall – 3-4/6/17

Congratulation to Tony Edwards on winning the 2017 IOM Veterans Championships @ West Cornwall RSC over the weekend.


Racing was very close throughout the event with Tony, Bob Conner, Mick Chamberlain, Barry Chisam, John White and Peter Cropper all taking race wins on day one.

After day one with a couple of rig changes, no general recalls or protests both skippers and the race team retired to Falmouth for refreshments and a well earned rest.

Day two dawned with damp conditions, luckily subsiding prior to the first race, leaving a light shifty westerly breeze that kept skippers and the race team on their toes and undoubtedly led to a few general recalls and more than a few course changes and a few skippers found bouncing between fleets and getting there moneys worth!

With Tony Edwards having secured the title by mid afternoon on day two Bob Conner and Mick Chamberlain put up a good tussle for second and third places with Bob securing second place with a win in the final race, Mick finished two points adrift taking third place with West Cornwall skipper Barry Chisam taking fourth overall.

In all a great weekends sailing with a friendly atmosphere throughout the fleet.

A video taken by ARO Simon Clarke can be found here.

Many thanks to the West Cornwall Race Team Simon Clarke, Bill Curtis, Linda Cropper, Alan Perham, Nick Hirst, Mark Dean and Bryony Cherrett.

PRO Gavin Watson.

IOM Veteran Nationals 2017 – Day 2 – Final Results

South West District IOM Summer Series 3 @ West Cornwall – 28/5/17

The SW District IOM Summer Series Round 3 was held at West Cornwall RSC on 28/5/17.

The day ended with Tony Edwards from Yeovil in first place with 17pts, followed by Simon Clarke of Woodspring in 2nd on 31pts & Barry Chisam of West Cornwall in 3rd on 35pts.


South West District IOM Summer Series 2 @ Dartmoor – 9/4/17

Sunday the 9th of April saw the latest round of the Series take place at Dartmoor RSC.

After a foggy drive for some, sunny weather greeted the eighteen competitors on their arrival at the Lake which is most unusual for Dartmoor! There was very little wind to start with, but the forecast indicated a gentle breeze which would strengthen and veer throughout the day from SE to NW.

The race team led by Paul Newman wisely decided to lay multiple windward marks to cater for the predicted changes on the Windward/ Leeward gated course. The control zone was situated on the newly extended North Platform, which gave the competitors and race officials alike un-congested viewing of the racing course.

From the early seeding and heat races it was clear that the day was going to be one where the ability to read the wind shifts was paramount and consistency would pay dividends. After four races and with four different winners on the score sheet Barry Chisum with his ASBO 2 (61) was clearly showing his form with a series of 2nds and a win. Others showing consistency were John White (9) Bideford and Richard Aucott (16) Sedgemoor with Dartmoor members Jerry Lock (15) and Dave Kent(79) also in the mix. With the wind starting to veer more to the West a course change followed which saw the fleet having to decide whether to go to the middle or to the Lakeside on the windward leg. Taking the same course on each round didn’t always pay and several skippers found that out to their cost.

With the sun still shining and with sun cream being used by those who had it, racing resumed in earnest after a short lunch break. In races 5 to 10 the leading Dartmoor helms started to show improved form and were also joined by Bob Connor (14) and Peter Cropper (68) in the charge for podium placings. The wind direction in race 8 suddenly decided to back to the South which was not as predicted resulting in the dinghy crew doing a hasty unused buoy position change. In the end the crew’s efforts were not rewarded as the wind veered again, but not to its final heading!

For races 11 to 12 the wind shifted dramatically to the North West and increased in strength. A hasty change was made to both the course position, configuration and control zone. On the Olympic style course which saw top end A rig conditions being experienced, both Barry Chisam and Jerry Lock scored wins to round off the day’s racing.

So, at the prize giving the overall results showed a well-deserved win for Barry Chisam (61) West Cornwall with Jerry Lock and his Aqua (15) Dartmoor taking second. Rounding out the podium places with his Britpop was Dave Kent (79) Dartmoor.

Thanks to the competitors, Race Officials and all those who helped in making it a good day’s racing at Dartmoor.

Paul Newman/Steve Watts

SWDSS2 Results


South West District IOM Winter Series 2016/17 – Overall Results

Congratulations to Tony Edwards from Yeovil & District MBC for winning the IOM Winter Series 2016/17, with James Edwards 2nd and Richard Aucott from Woodspring 3rd.

Full results below:


South West District IOM Summer Series 1 @ Poole – 12/3/17

The SW District IOM Summer Series Round 1 was held at Longham Lake on 12/3/17, due to no water in the lake at Poole Park.

The morning started off raining but by mid morning it had stopped and remained dry for the rest of the day. A total of 20 skippers were sailing including Terry, Josh and Greg King from the Midland District.

There was 2 fleets – Nigel Clark from Sedgemoor taking the first seeding race in very light winds, and Peter Wiles taking the second again with very light winds. The wind became stronger by lunchtime and the sailing became more enjoyable and competitive.

The day ended with Josh King in first place on count back, followed by Tony Edwards & James Edwards in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

(Thanks to Bob Connor for the report, and Poole for hosting another successful SWD event!)

Some great photos as usual from Mike Millard (all images copyright to him, for the full album: click here)

South West District IOM Winter Series 3 @ Poole 15/1/17


30 sailors assembled at Poole despite the cold and drizzle. PRYC put on an excellent event, efficiently PROed by Peter Wiles and with a team that certainly knew their jobs. Racing started promptly at 10.00 on the big lake in a light North- Westerly breeze. By that time the drizzle had virtually stopped.

The breeze gradually built and clocked further into the North. As we were located at the leeward end of the Lake, the increasing breeze brought bigger waves. This combined with hard surrounds gave very confused seas in the area of the start and the leeward gate – lots of scope for getting it wrong!

An early-ish break for lunch coincided with a change of venue to the smaller lake. This seemed to suit many who had taken the prudent decision to change down to B Rig. The weather had massively improved, with several brighter periods and even some watery sunshine. The last races were pretty tiring, so it was good to retire to the welcoming Clubhouse where the lovely Catering Ladies were still serving tea and cakes.

Congratulations to Josh King for the win, the ever consistent Tony Edwards second, and a welcome visitor Vernon Appleton in 3rd. Special mention to Bob Iles of the host club for an excellent 4th place despite only recently taking up radio sailing!

(adapted from PRYC report by John Galyer, Emsworth Slipper club)

Thanks to Mike Millard a full set of photographs of this event can be found on flickr:


South West District IOM Winter Series 2 @ Woodspring 11/12/16

A bright brisk morning with skippers happy to see the back of the fog by the time they had left the M5. The breeze was from the W-SW and perfect Mid A rig conditions. Rupert Preston had laid a Windward leeward course with leeward gate for the skippers.

Throughout the day it mainly paid to play the right hand side of the beat, but the lee of the club house at the windward mark meant that at times a flyer from the left hand side could pay if there was breeze to back it up. Tony Edwards and Gavin Watson showed the early form setting up a rematch from a closely fought final district summer series event.

After lunch James Edwards found a nice trim after some winalot sandwiches and continued to move up the leaderboard as the day went on. Woodsprings Nick Noble took out race 7 showing a good turn of speed in his shiny new Britpop. Also showing improved form later in the day were Mike Cooke and Richard Aucott.

After twelve races Tony Edwards took the win on count back from Watson with James Edwards four points adrift after a poor start to the day.

Unfortunately during the day Dartmoor skipper Nick Whyte was taken ill, Doug Penman and Bob Conner did a fantastic job administering emergency first aid until the paramedics arrived. I understand Nick is still recovering but making progress, our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to him.

Thanks to Rupert and Tina Preston and the Woodspring club for running the racing, and Gavin Watson for the report.

SWDWS2 Results

South West District IOM Winter Series 1 @ Bideford 20/11/16

Ten hardy sailors turned up at Bideford despite storm Angus threatening to blow out the event. Racing got under way in middle of A rig conditions, with Tony Edwards of the Yeovil club showing the skippers which way to go. Over the course of the day there were 5 different race winners, and lots of changing of places due to shifts and holes in the wind alike.

The wind started in the middle of A rig, but over the course of the day dropped to nothing as predicted. The last race was started in drifting conditions, with all boats having difficulty getting around the course. The PRO shortened the course for a downwind finish but due to the wind completely shutting off, at one point any of the first six boats could have won the race – but it was James Edwards who managed to come through in his own private wind. Close racing!

A consensus was made after race 14 to call it a day leaving Tony Edwards with the win, James Edwards second, and Dave Kent third.

Many thanks to the Bideford race team of George Evans, Doug Penman & Dave Redman, and for the competitors coming from all over the South West.

See you all at Woodspring on 11th December!


SWDWS1 Results

SWDCS Overall Scores for Club and Skipper



SWDCS 6 @ Woodspring

SWDCS 6 full results

SWDCS Overall Scores after Dartmoor


SWDCS 5 @ Dartmoor

Twelve visiting helms together with six drsc boats made up the fleet that assembled to take part in the penultimate race of the series. Dartmoor lived up to its reputation by providing variable weather conditions of sunshine and torrential downpours during the racing. For a change the westerly wind direction remained somewhat constant enabling the maximum length windward/leeward gated course to be used throughout the day.

All boats raced with their ‘A’ rigs, but at times ‘B’ rig wind speeds were experienced. A minor change was made to the start line length as the two heat racing was changed to a single fleet as boat numbers reduced because of boats dropping out. Competition was keen and numerous contacts occurred during the 17 races that were sailed, particularly when the clouds rolled in and the wind speed increased. Two of these incidents resulted in formal protests being made which were deliberated on after racing had concluded. Gavin Watson scored an impressive 12 first places to win from his fellow West Cornwall club members Simon Clark, Barry Chisam and Peter Cropper who finished in that order in the overall results. Jerry Lock was the leading Dartmoor boat finishing in fifth place. Thanks to all those competitors who travelled to take part and to those who helped in the organisation and running of the event.

SWDCS 5 Results

PRACC series round 8 @ Woodspring

Full results can be found here.

SWDCS IOM Summer Series

Overall scores for the IOM summer series including one discard can be found using the link below.

SWDCS16 overall scores

SWDCS4 @ Bideford

Skippers were greeted with a light SSW breeze and light rain, the forecast was for the breeze to veer towards the West with heavier rain, unfortunately the forecasters were bang on. Racing got underway on time with Watson, Edwards and Nick Martin having close racing and plenty of tussles in the first six races. With the weather worsening it was decided to have an early break for lunch with the hope the rain would subside for the afternoon races. I’m afraid it didn’t, it was decided to carry on to get to race 16 and a third discard. The afternoon bought stronger breeze with driving rain and a war of attrition which reduced the fleet to eight skippers by the final race.

Watson took the win, with Nick Martin taking second place in his Britpop, Barry Chisam made a welcome return to the district podium with his Asbo 2 design, proving  fast in the stronger afternoon conditions.

Many thanks to PRO George Evans and the Bideford race team for carrying on despite the conditions, we all hope for a sunny and dry Bideford in 2017.

bideford 2016.xlsx

SWDCS3 @ West Cornwall

Typical Cornish weather of Sunshine and a light WSW – WNW breeze greeted the travelling IOM district skippers to Argal reservoir. Peter Cropper our PRO made the decision to sail a single fleet with the West Cornwall race team taking up observing duties. With plenty of shifts and a sea breeze at times overtaking the gradient, conditions were a little tricky with plenty of positions changes on each and every leg of the course.

James Edwards proved that his brand new Britpop is quick out of the box winning the first two races. After four races and a brief pit stop Mike Cooke took to the front of the fleet winning race 5 with his own design rocket. By race 8 and a break for lunch Tony Edwards held a single point advantage over James Edwards with Gavin Watson a further 4 points adrift.

In the afternoon with conditions getting trickier Watson used home advantage to take the overall win from Tony Edwards, James Edwards finished third after winch issues and an extended nutritional break. Nick Martin finished fourth with West Cornwall’s Nick Hirst taking fifth and the most improved prize.

Many thanks to the West Cornwall Race team of Peter Cropper (PRO), Barry Chisam (ARO), Linda Cropper and Tony Wright.

swdcs3 RESULTS

SWDCS2 @ Yeovil

Thirteen skippers enjoyed the warm spring sunshine at a picturesque if slightly muddy Sutton Bingham reservoir. Nice for a picnic but sailing was a bit more challenging with a light north westerly and significant thermal activity providing a constantly changing wind direction. Racing was around a large triangular course to try and even things out and possibly provide a beat on one of the legs or at times all the legs of some laps! Thanks to Bryony from Poole volunteering to observe all 13 boats were able to race in one fleet. Racing was well mannered despite the wind but possibly helped by the pleasant sunshine. After 15 races Gavin Watson came out top with 26 points followed by Nick Martin sailing his shiny new Britpop with 36 points just 2 points ahead of local skipper Tony Edwards.

swdcs2 yeovil full results

SWDCS 1 @ Poole

An excellent turnout of 30 competitors lined up for the first event in the SW summer series for IOMs at Poole Park and racing was run under HMS in 2 heats by the Poole club race team under RO Peter Wiles.  Faced with a shifty NE breeze a testing good length course was set in the main weed free lake parallel to the railway bank with a beat towards the clubhouse.  Top suits were the only choice but the wind was difficult to pick with pressure filling occasionally from the starboard side but more regularly from the port side of the course.  It was easy to go from hero to zero which made for challenging and close sailing throughout the day.

The seeding races were won by BritPOPs Josh and Greg King down from Oxford and both remained strongly in contention through the event each scoring 2 A heat wins during the day.  In fact after 4 races and the first discard Greg was technically leading the event from Josh, both on the same points.  A 40 minute lunch break was an opportunity to warm everybody up and take sustenance.

Suitable fortified Tony Edwards (BritPOP) managed to win the remaining 4 heats, adding to a win and a second before lunch to take the win overall.  The results show that a number of skippers managed some good heat results but were unable to be consistent.  Whilst the BritPOPs of the first 3, Tony Edwards, Josh King and Greg King were, in the end, dominant they were challenged by an encouraging mix of designs.  James Edwards finished 4th overall sailing the original green Robot and counted a couple of seconds in his score, narrowly missing out on a win.  BritPOPs of Chris Treagust, Emsworth, Laurie Draper and Ian Davis of Poole, were interspersed with the Slimtel Chine of John White, 6th, the Lintel of Pete Smith, Poole 9th and the Greyhound of Simon Clarke, Woodspring 10th who all had their moments.

Racing was conducted in good humour and at sufficient pace to keep competitors moving and warm.  It was a very enjoyable event and apart from 2 protests quickly heard and resolved on shore, any disputes were resolved amicably on the water.  The race team ran 8 races (16 heats) and the Poole club was congratulated for its organisation and hospitality.


Photos taken by Mike Millard can be found here

South West Winter Series Final Scores for Skipper and Club

SW District Winter Series Skipper OA scores

SW District Winter Series Club OA scores

South West District Winter Series Round 3 @Poole

With 27 Skippers entered and the biggest turnout for a SW District IOM event for many years i’m pleased to report the weather god’s were kind with a cracking breeze and all competitors using no2 rigs. With many skippers participating in a District event for the first time and a HMS multi fleet event, particular attention was taken at the briefing. Racing got underway on time, our PRO Peter Wiles set a course the maximum length he could bearing in mind the SSE wind direction. Racing was tight and the upwind legs were tricky, there were at times big gains on the left hand side of the course but sometimes with a lack of pressure making the decision of when to tack on to starboard the key to a top race result.

After race three newcomer to Radio Sailing David Thomas held a slender lead after sailing a consistent first three races, although he struggled a little more in the afternoon, David was the only skipper not to be demoted to B fleet throughout the day, a great achievement for a first ever event!


By lunch the usual suspects of Edwards senior and junior, Clarke and Watson had found there way back to the top of the leaderboard after a indifferent morning with each spending a race in B fleet. After lunch another newcommer Pete Smith sailing his Lintel found the go button and made a charge with a 1,2,1 scoreline. Pete was also leading the final race, only to make a blunder of missing the windward spreader mark the second time around. The Poole radio yacht club forum is rife with rumours Pete is off to Supersavers at some point this week so watch out. I will also add that your correspondant made the same mistake following Pete, no comment….! In the end Watson took the overall win by the smallest of Margins from Tony Edwards who in turn narrowly beat the ever consistent Simon Clarke on count back with James Edwards in fourth chasing hard.

SWD Winter series 3

In all a great days racing, great to see new skippers and also those who travelled from outside of the District to join us, John Cleave, Greg King and Dick Jobbins.

A big thank you to Peter Wiles the Poole race team and all volunteers at Poole Radio Yacht Club for running an excellent event with as ever the warmest hospitality.

Mike Millard kindly took plenty of images of the day these can be found here 


South West District Winter Series – Series scores after Round 2 @ Woodspring

Series scores after the Woodspring event for both Club and skipper.

winter series after woodspring

South West District Series Round 2 @ Woodspring

Skippers were met with a light ESE wind and a cold crisp morning, it was good to see some new boats on the water notably Mike Cooke’s StompRocket and also skippers from the Midland district, Greg and Josh King. Racing got underway on time with the windward mark placed to the South of the island, by race three the breeze had backed to the East and our PRO Simon Clarke took the wise decision to move the windward mark East further up the lake. John White made the most of the course change winning race 3 with Bob Conner taking race 4. After eight races and a break for lunch Cooke, Edwards and Watson were within a point of each other at the top of the leaderboard. After lunch fortunes changed, James Edwards had an exceptional afternoon with a worst race finish of second! Mike Cooke still pushing hard couldn’t quite find the same consistency as he had done in the morning but finished a very credible second place. The final podium spot was taken by Josh King. In all a great start to the Districts 2016 calendar. Many thanks to Woodspring and PRO Simon Clarke for making the most of the tricky conditions.

woodspring winter series2

South West District Winter Series – Series scores after Round 1 @ Bideford

Series scores after the Bideford event for both Club and skipper.

All scores are calculated based on the new points system as devised by Richard Wills and voted on @ the SW district AGM.

winter series club and skipper after bideford

South District IOM Winter Series Round 1 @ Bideford

Skippers were met with a light southerly from over the wall, moving round to more SSE after lunch with a bit more pressure and consistency. The shifts and dead spots created by the effects of the reservoir wall made for interesting sailing with boats a metre or two to the left or right sailing in a different wind vane. The starts were by and large very port biased, although it didn’t always matter much where you started as the shifts on the first beat would be the differentiating factor. On a whole, with the exception of Tony Edwards, most had a mixed bag of a day as is evident in the results, where consistency was near impossible. An enjoyable day’s sailing, all in very good spirit. Good to have Greg King join us from the Midland District, finishing with a respectable 2nd behind Tony Edwards, followed by James Edwards in 3rd. Both Mike Cooke and John Stone put in some good performances throughout the day, as did Bob Conner with a couple of good finishes after lunch.

Thanks to George Evans and the Bideford race team for running an enjoyable day’s sailing

SWD Winter Series Bideford final

South West Champion Skipper and Club Series 2015

Overall results for the IOM Champion Skipper and club series.

SWDCS 2015 full results

SWDCS 6 @ Woodspring

Light winds and fog greeted 21 skippers @ Woodspring on Sunday. With the fog lifting Sarah Conner got the racing underway in good time with a course the length of the lake, despite the light airs the direction was pretty constant with skippers quickly learning that concentrating on speed was more important than going for shifts.

Tony Edwards proved he had speed and consistency and took the overall win by two points from Gavin Watson. Sailing a SW district event for the first time was John Stone finishing on 35 points and taking the final position on the podium. Also sailing a SW district event for the first time was Mike Cooke finishing on 44 points and taking fifth overall, well done guys.

A big thank you to Sarah Conner and the whole team at Woodspring for a great days racing.

Full results SWDCS 6 results

RA Veteran Nationals and final PRACC round @ Poole

After a scintillating afternoon, Lester Gilbert pipped Roy Stevens to the Veteran championship title at Poole. Weather had been overcast with some light rain earlier in the day but with light breezes, course setting was an interesting challenge for PRO Peter Wiles.

Lester’s six race wins (5 after the lunch break) to Roy’s 3 finally edged the winning margin to just 3 points.

Full results myara2015veteransnats

In contrast to Saturday’s overcast and occasionally wet conditions, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. However the combination of very light airs with loads of shifts meant that the start had to be delayed slightly. PRO David Munro was kept thinking the whole time about tweaks to the course but as the day progressed, it was the likely effect of the sun, lifting weed off the bottom of the lake that proved the main problem. After a break for lunch, what turned out to be the last heat was raced but the skippers voted in favour of calling a halt at that stage as it was becoming increasingly difficult to avoid weed.

Peter Wiles took the honours both for the day and for the PRACC series overall. Dave Andrews couldn’t male it on the day but held on to his second place in the series with Vernon Appleton in third. Bob Conner was presented with the Gerry Gray trophy for the second successive year having attended all 10 rounds.

Full results pracc20201520final

SWDCS Champion Skipper and Club Scores after Bideford

swdcs overall after bideford

Yeovil Marblehead Ranking Saturday October 3rd 2015

For the penultimate Marblehead Ranking race of the year 2 Yeovil competitors were joined by 18 visitors from far and wide keen to score ranking points with the prospect of Lake Garda next year. On arrival the picturesque Sutton Bingham reservoir was shrouded in thick mist to the extent that only the nearest buoys were visible. Very gradually the fog cleared to reveal a pleasant sunny day but the wind was elusive with pressure and direction constantly changing-definitely top suit weather and for RO Tony Edwards the worst nightmare. The good news was that the water level was up and the reservoir has no weed problem although the carp were jumping to record highs!

After an initial delay a very light mostly westerly wind emerged, totally opposite to the scheduled forecast direction, and which at least allowed ‘racing’ to commence. The seeding races were won by Hugh McAdoo with his Prime Number and Brad Gibson sailing his ‘pimped’ Paradox. Once into the HMS schedule Brad continued to dominate the A heat with his uncanny knack of being in the right place to pick up the next zephyr. Behind Brad Darin Ballington was the most consistent but consistency in the difficult conditions was a scarce commodity for the remainder.

There was a mid-day pause while the wind turned off for a while and decided where to come from next. Eventually the occasional small draft came randomly from NE or NW, the worst direction possible for the reservoir. A Zig Zag course was set to give the chance of some beating on at least one leg and after a few goes competitors seemed settle to the complication. Brad, as usual in direct communication with the gods, continued to dominate and was only prevented from a perfect score by local James Edwards (Paradox) who decided to win race 5 by some distance.

In all 7 races were completed with the wind gradually dying away during race 7 with this last race concluding shortly after 5.00pm. Darin Ballington sailing an updated ROK secured 2nd overall with a string of 2nds and 3rds. The results behind Brad and Darin were much more open with 2 Quarks, a Prime Number, a Crazy Tube and several Paradox’s all contesting the top positions. In the end it was Hugh McAdoo who secured the coveted 3rd spot. For the full blow by blow account please see the results sheet. Except for the winner most were home in time to watch the most disappointing and perhaps inevitable England Rugby result.

Full Scores here
Pictures by Sue Brown will be online soon here

For further info on the Marblehead the class website can be found here

Woodspring Radio A PRACC series

Full results from the PRACC event at Woodspring can be found here

SWDCS 5 @ Bideford

For once the weather forecasters got it right!

The forecast of 20-40 knots from the SW to SE was bang on. Needless to say the race teams gazebo bore the brunt the night before and our PRO John White took the decision to move the course area to the sailing club side of the reservoir.

Racing got underway with a single fleet with two observers taken out. Gavin Watson made the best start with three race wins from the first three races closely pursued by James Edwards. By race 7 the breeze had moderated slightly and Peter Cropper decided to take the correct decision of changing up during a brief interlude to comfortably win, this led to 80% of skippers to follow suite. By race 9 the wind shifted 150 degrees, Simon Clarke read the conditions well to take the race win. With a short lunch break and the course repositioned for the new wind direction the rain lightened making the afternoon comfortable! Tony Edwards proved exactly why he is the current IOM national champion with a very consistent afternoon’s scoreline finishing every race on the podium and taking the Overall win, Gavin Watson finished 6 points back with James Edwards finalising the podium.

Full results Bideford

A big thanks to the race team at Bideford for carrying on despite the conditions!

With the top six all winning races and decent race results further down the leaderboard, it is good to see the standard throughout the fleet making steady improvements. With the IOM nationals at Lincoln at the end of August we will have a brief interlude from the summer series and reconvene at Woodspring on the 25th October for the final round and AGM, see you there.

SWDCS 4 @ Yeovil

After some initial rain which mainly just affected the laying of the marks and the briefing the event was sailed in overcast conditions with a good SSW breeze. The courses were predominantly windward leeward with the windward mark out in the middle of the lake. There were plenty of wind shifts to work with on the windward legs and local skipper Tony Edwards seemed to be tuned in and was consistently in the top positions. 17 races were run with each skipper sailing in 15 races and observing in 2. Tony Edwards won comfortably followed by Nick Martin and Ian Davies.

Full Results IOM-SWDC4-Yeovil-Results.xls

South West District IOM Ranking West Cornwall June 6th-7th

Results for both days can be found below by clicking on the links.

South West District IOM Ranking Saturday 6th

South West District IOM Ranking sunday 7th

SWDCS 3 @ West Cornwall

With many travelling skippers reporting fog/mist and rain on their way down to Cornwall it was good that everyone arrived in time for the first race.

Forecast was for light wind from the west slowly shifting towards the north in the afternoon. Well the boffins got it spot on.

Racing started around 10 am with PRO Peter Cropper opting a single fleet with two skippers doing observer duties in rotation.

This left 16 of the 18 entered afloat for each race. With a comfortable no 1 suit breeze all day and a favourable wind direction everyone was looking forward to a good days racing.

Thankfully the poor weather encountered by some kept away from Cornwall and it it proved to be an excellent day.

The 3 class skippers of the day were Tony and James Edwards with there Britpops and Gavin Watson, V9.

Tony got going better of the 3 but James and Gavin were not going to let him relax.

Best of the rest were Nick Martin sailing a recently acquired Obsession and Richard Wills sailing his own design. Richard did very well struggling through the day with his ruptured Achilles and was the only skipper outside the top 3 to have a win.

John White deserves a mention scoring a very creditable 6th place in very un Lintel like conditions.

Designs were varied with 15 different in the 18 boat fleet with 8 out of the top ten different.

After 17 races the day wound up with the prize giving before sending everyone home to prepare for the ranking weekend here in two weeks time.

1st Tony Edwards     Britpop     19 pts

2nd Gavin Watson       V9             28 pts

3rd   James Edwards   Britpop       28pts

4th   Nick Martin       Obsession   58 pts

5th   Richard Wills    Anansi         59 pts

full results: swdcs3 results

RG65 Open @ Woodspring Results 

Full results from the RG65 open

2015 Dragon Force RG 65 woodspring.xls

SWDCS2 Results

Full results from Dartmoor.


SWDCS1 Results

Results for SWDCS 1, report to follow shortly.

poole one meter sw district 22march(1).xls

IOM SOUTH WEST Winter Series Overall Scores

IOM SWDWS overall Sheet1

South West District IOM Winter series round 3 Sedgemoor

Skippers from all over the south west came along to the Apex Park on 22nd February when our club hosted the third and final round of the MYA IOM South West District Winter Series 2014/15. We started the day with 14 entries racing in a nice light southwest breeze, but finished it with just 6 still going in almost gale force winds and heavy rain! Before the racing had got underway one skipper found his yacht was dragging something in the water, once back to the bank he found hooked up on his keel a child’s bright pink scooter! The day started well for Sedgemoor as Mike Cooper was in unstoppable form winning 3 of his first 4 races, but unfortunately for him (less so for everyone else!) he had to leave by midday. With the weather getting much worse 5 of the skippers decided to call it a day and retired, another soon joined them as he had problems with his winch. This left 7 brave souls who agreed to carry racing, but now in non-stop heavy rain and very strong winds. Most decided to switch down to their No2 suits, but Simon Clarke and Bob Conner took a bit of a gamble and decided to stay on their top suits. At times it looked as if their gamble was not paying off as both had serious problems just keeping their boats under control running with the wind and on a few occasions were almost blown into the clutches of the dreaded overhanging tree branches! The No 1 windward marker and finishing line were in a fairly large wind shadow caused by the big trees on the far bank, so with their top suits Simon and Bob had the advantage there and would often gain quite a few places, sometimes in the very last few metres while crossing the finish line! After a few poor results in the morning races Mark Pressdee seemed to enjoy the stronger winds and racing on his 2nd suit he was giving the two “tall boys” and real run for their money. He won 3 of the last 5 races which was enough to move him up into joint 2nd place tied with Bob on 32 points, but Mark takes the 2nd place spot as he had 4 wins to Bob’s 2. The outright winner on the day by quite a margin was Simon, of his 13 races he finished in the top 3 places on 10 occasions which left him with a score of 23 – very impressive. A big thank you to Scott Smart who was the meeting OOD, starting judge for every single race and a very wet Race Observer! He was assisted through the morning races by Henry Westphal. Kevin Roberts was on hand to help out with the set-up, while I did my best to record the wet score sheets and run a “soup kitchen”! The weather had a huge part to play on the day, a great shame as it has been quite a while since our club last hosted an MYA event. But leaving the weather to one side, I think most enjoyed the day and it is hoped we will be hosting another MYA event again sometime – next time with maybe just a little less rain!

report by Russ Chilcott.

Results: MYA IOM Winter Series 2015 Rd3 Sedgemoor MBC 22.2.15-2

Overall Winter Series Scores after Round 2

Overall Scores: SW winter series OA after WC

South West District IOM Winter series round 2 West Cornwall RSC

17 of the districts IOM skippers made the trip to Falmouth for this event.

The forecast was for fine weather with a light, steadily increasing SW breeze.

For once the forecast was correct and apart from being a bit nippy conditions could not have been better.

Ro Peter Cropper opted to run one fleet taking three skippers out to observe each race leaving 14 to look for room on the start line.

The earlier races were as expected dominated by current UK champion Tony Edwards.

Son James and local sailor Gavin Watson were also performing well and kept Tony looking over his shoulder.

At the lunch break Tony had a modest lead over James and Gavin.

During the break skippers changed from No.1 to No.2 rigs and things slowly but surely started to change.

Gavin’s boat revelled in the conditions and he had 4 wins in a row pulling him up to level the score with Tony.

At the same time Simon Clark who had a fairly indifferent start to the event had a good string of first and second places but they would never be good enough to challenge the top 3.

Top 3 were Gavin Watson, Tony Edwards and James Edwards.

Every one had a good well mannered days sailing and will be looking forward to round 3 at Sedgemoor next month.

Full Results: SWDWS2

South West District Champion Skipper overall Results

Congratulations To James Edwards of Yeovil & District MBC on becoming 2014 South West District IOM Champion skipper, a very close run series with James just pipping Simon Clark from West Cornwall for overall honours.

2014 Overall Results: SWDCS 2014

SW District IOM Winter Series – Round 1 Woodspring

Sunday 14th December saw the start of SW District IOM winter series hosted by Woodspring MSC in Portishead. A turnout of 13 participants from West Cornwall, Bideford, Sedgemoor, Yeovil, Dartmoor and Woodspring.

A pleasant day at Portishead with a SSW breeze, most opting for the no1 rig and a few with the no2.

Sarah Conner and her team set a course the length of the lake, with some big shifts at the top mark and puffy conditions downwind keeping everyone on their toes.

James Edwards sailed a consistent series with eight first places to win overall with Edwards senior close behind in second place.

Simon Clarke found the go button after lunch to win race 12 and score some consistent results in the afternoon.

In all good close racing no matter where you were in the fleet.

A special thank you to Woodspring and PRO Sarah Conner for running the event.

Full Results:   SWDWS1 14-12-14

2014 SW District Annual General Meeting –  Bideford & District

Please find attached the minutes of the District AGM held at Upper Tamar Lake on the 26th October 2014.

South Western District AGM Minutes 26Oct2014

2014 SW District Championship Round 6 – Bideford & District

Sunday 26th October saw 17 skippers descend on Upper Tamar Lake for the final round of the SW District Championship. With the clocks going back, marking the end of British Summer Time, meant that everyone had an extra hour to travel to North Cornwall. Conditions were lighter than predicted or expected, with mid top suit being the order of the day, barring the odd gust at times. With the wind direction over the wall, made for very shifty conditions. John White and his race team did a sterling good keeping the racing moving to complete 11 races by close of play at 3pm. Father and son duo, Tony and James Edwards sailed very consistently, as expected from ‘Team BritPop’, with Tony narrowly taking top spot from James, and John Taylor sailing his newly planked design, RUBIX, into a creditable 3rd place.

Full results below.


2014 SW District Championship Round 5 – Dartmoor

Dartmoor Radio Sailing club hosted the latest event (28 Sep) in the SW District Championship, following the postponement of Round 4 due to a clash with the Midland IOM Ranking in July.  The event was narrowly won by Barry Chisam from Simon Clark, with Peter Cropper taking 3rd place, all from West Cornwall.


2014 SW District Championship – Radio A – PRACC Series – Woodspring

Woodspring MSC hosted the Radio A PRACC series event on Sunday 31st August. A reasonable turnout of 11 boats, with 2 entrants. Gilbert Louis & Brian O’Neill, coming from as far a field as Ireland. Good weather and a shifty south-westerly breeze made for some great sailing.

Congrats to Peter Wiles from Poole who was simply untouchable on the day, taking top spot, sailing his design ‘Sweet 9’ I believe.

SW District – PRACC – Radio A

2014 SW District Championship Round 3 – West Cornwall
Congratulations to Gavin Watson of West Cornwall who won at Argal reservoir on Sunday 8th June sailing an Asbo design.

John Taylor sailing his Shiraz took 2nd place on countback from James Edwards (Britpop) with Simon Clark (Asbo) close behind in 4th place.

Results and report to follow….

Following a slight amendment to the scoring the results are here..
SWD results 2014_revised_argal

2014 SW District Championship Round 2 – Bideford
Round 2 held at Upper Tamar Lake on 25th May 2014 Results

Bideford_25_5_2014 bideford_25-5-2014_revised

2014 SW District Championship Round 1 – Woodspring
Sunday 30th March saw the start of SW District Championship series hosted by Woodspring MSC in Portishead. A good turnout with 21 participants from West Cornwall, Bideford, Sedgemoor, Yeovil, Dartmoor, Woodspring and especially good to see skippers from Swansea joining us. Also, a special welcome to Tony Edwards (Yeovil) who has recently moved into our District.
In all, a pleasant day weather wise at Portishead, with moderate top suit conditions out of the NE in the morning, before swinging into the SE in the afternoon as forecast, less favourable for course laying. Good competitive sailing, but in the end it was difficult to match the experience of Tony Edwards sailing his BritPop, finally taking the David Trippe Trophy for his efforts.
Many thanks to Alan Chidgey, our Race Officer on the day, for keeping everyone in check.


Full results available at link below:
2014 SW District Championship Series #1 Results

2013 SW District Championship Final Results

The final overall positions for the 2013 SW District Championship Series is available at the link below.



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